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Individual education plans (IEPs) can be challenging and confusing, not just for parents, but for school members of the educational team as well. Our webinar series will walk you through the steps you need to understand when building a child’s IEP after epilepsy surgery. Learn about the different types of epilepsy surgeries, effective advocacy skills, procedural safeguards, evaluations and assessments, proper identification, the importance of the present levels of academic achievement and functional performance, goals, and placement.

Specially designed for beginners, this webinar series is appropriate for parents of children who have had epilepsy surgery, as well as any member of the school education team. We encourage you to watch them in the order scheduled. Webinars will be recorded and embedded on our website for viewing later.

Are you a clinician? Download our flyer to share with your patients’ parents. FLYER IEP WEBINARS (pdf)


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