Despite the fact that your teen or young adult may not have access to their regular transition programming during COVID-19, there are still many ways to continue to work on career exploration, job readiness, and employment skills from home.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure that these basic transition planning steps are in place related to employment:

  • If your teen has an individual education plan (IEP) and has not already had an age-appropriate transition assessment and a functional vocational evaluation, you can request these assessments from your school district right now (required by age 14 or 16, depending on your state). Assessments must still take place at this time, even in regions where schools are closed. In fact, federal law requires it! If your school claims they cannot evaluate your child at this time ask for an independent educational evaluation (IEE). Consider Bloom Career-Online Aptitude/Personality Testing by Experts  or Vocational Evaluation.

  • Ensure that measurable postsecondary goals and services for your student are in their IEP (required by age 14 or 16, depending on your state)! Please see our transition guide for more information.

For additional information on employment-related transition topics, please view the following resources:

About the author

Audrey Vernick is the Director of Patient and Family Advocacy for The Brain Recovery Project. She is the parent of a child who had hemispherectomy for seizures caused by stroke and holds a level 2 certification in Special Education Advocacy Training from the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates.