The Brain Recovery Project’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) provides insight on community concerns before and after epilepsy surgery in childhood.  It influences the organization’s strategic initiatives, web content, guides, biennial conference content, and research by bringing perspectives that can only come from our community members. Members of the CAC must be willing to support and assist with the mission, goals, objectives and values of the organization. This is a volunteer council.

Who can join the CAC?

The CAC is comprised of parents/guardians of individuals, and adults, who had epilepsy surgery in childhood who are invited to serve by the organization’s Executive Director.  Individuals should represent various socio-economic, cultural, and racial backgrounds, as well as a broad spectrum of epilepsy surgeries and outcomes. 

How often does the CAC meet?

CAC meetings are held four times a year. All meetings will be held by teleconference call, at times and in places determined by the Executive Director.

To learn more about the CAC, download our CAC policy below.

Who is on the CAC?

The current members of our CAC include: Michelle Mottern, Desiree Smolin, Tricia Koppelman, Paula Yates, Abhilasha Mittal, Kim Renihan, Julie Dehne, Roslyn, Rawlins, Kristen Pierce, Danielle Ashworth, Karen Angerer, Sean Carpenter, Juliana Nogueria, Kenneth Lininger, Tracy Lehane, Robert Hinson, Cecile Dame, Catherine Flynn, and Anand Baichwal.

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