There are many different ways you can fundraise for us! Here are just a few ideas.


Asking your friends to donate to us on Facebook is easy! Just click here and follow the instructions.

It’s easy to raise money for us for your birthday, a special holiday, or whenever you choose.


If you’re not on social media, send out an informal email campaign. Let your friends and colleagues now how we have helped your family, and then send them to our donating page at


Remind your friends and colleagues that their company’s corporate giving policy may match their donation to us. Most companies have some kind of program. Also, we’re signed up with Benevity which makes corporate giving even easier to manage. See if your company uses Benevity, too!


Gather 12 of your favorite people and have a friendraising dinner! This can be at your home, at a casual restaurant, or anywhere you choose! We’ll send you all the pamphlets and information you’ll need when you request them at Tell your story and how our organization has impacted you. Friends can donate right there using their smart phone by going to our website in their browser at


Go to and select The Brain Recovery Project as your nonprofit. Every time you shop, a portion of the proceeds of your sale will come to us. Remember you must always show at for us to get a percentage of the sale. You can bookmark the page on your phone to make it easy!


You and your friends can give us your spare changes every time you make a purchase! Sign up for RoundUp on your computer or download the app. It’s that easy. You can set the maximum amount you want to donate in spare change each month, or make it unlimited. It’s up to you.

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1) Install the App

Download the RoundUp App for iPhone or Android or use the Web Version, all completely free.

2) Create Your Account

Enter your name and email address, and choose us as the organization you want to support.

3) Link Your Credit or Debit Card

Create a secure, read-only link with your card. Your data is safe: we use the exact same API as Venmo and Acorns.

A Word on Security

The RoundUp App can never see your full credit card number. The card number is sent directly to Stripe, our payment processor. Stripe also does processing for Facebook, Amazon, and 100,000 other organizations in the US.

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