Children ages 10 – 17 who have had hemispherectomy surgery are sought to participate in Robocamp at the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center to determine the effectiveness of robotics-assisted therapy to improve gait, balance, and overall ambulation, as well as ankle, foot, and wrist kinematics. Functional electric stimulation through the use of transcutaneous neuromuscular electric stimulation devices will also be used. Appropriateness of orthotics will be addressed as well.

New this year: Hands-on training for parents on appropriate placement of electrodes when using transcutaneous neuromuscular electric stimulation devices, special education individual education plan training (including transition planning where appropriate), and visual field assessment for the participating child. Additional parent training may be added as the schedule allows.

Eligible candidates are able to walk for at least six minutes without assistance (gait trainer, walker, or cane is acceptable), and have the cognitive capacity to play a video game for at least 45 minutes. Seizure freedom is not required, but frequent seizures may exclude your child from candidacy.

The Brain Recovery Project will pay for reasonable travel and nearby housing at the Housing of Medical Emergencies (H.O.M.E.) facility provided by the Downey Assistance League. Breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday will be provided as well.  Families are on their own for dinner and weekend meals. One weekend field trip to the Long Beach Aquarium will be provided as a courtesy to participating families.

Camp Dates

Arrival: July 31, 2018

Camp Dates: August 1  – 17, 2018

Departure: August 18, 2018