What are the different types of disconnection procedures? Is intensive physical therapy an effective intervention? Learn from experts by viewing our videos here.

Differences in hemispherectomy procedures, seizure recurrence, and underlying conditions

Dr. Gary Mathern, UCLA

Principles of neuroplasticity: implications for physical rehabilitation after hemispherectomy

Jill Masutomi, DPT, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Intensive mobility training and constraint therapy

Stella de Bode, Ph.D

Infantile spasms and hemispherectomy surgery

W. Donald Shields, M.D., UCLA

Intensive physical therapy after hemispherectomy surgery

Joy Huguet, PT

Seizure medication and headaches after hemispherectomy surgery

Raman Sankar, M.D., UCLA

Shunts post-hemispherectomy; early-onset puberty

Sue Yudovin, NP, UCLA

Post-surgery seizure management and revision surgery

Sarah Kelley, MD, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Disconnection surgeries

George Jallo, MD, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Autism and behavioral concerns

Jay Salpekar, MD, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Headaches after hemispherectomy

Christopher Oakley, MD, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Executive functioning and processing

Cynthia Salorio, Ph.D., Kennedy Krieger Institute

Q and A, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Kennedy Krieger Institute

Intensive therapy after hemispherectomy

Teressa Reidy, OT, Kennedy Krieger Institute