Educating a child after hemispherectomy requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Some children may need only accommodations, while others may require significant supports such as a 1:1 aide and 1:4 academic instruction.

Our education Power Pack helps families and educators understand the scope of challenges faced by a child in the educational environment after hemispherectomy surgery, and includes:

The IEP Process – An Overview:  Walk through the steps of the IEP process after hemispherectomy and other large resective procedures. We recommend you start here first.

Education After Hemispherectomy – An Introductory Guide For The Educational Team

Assessments, Aids, and Services After Hemispherectomy

Aides and Paraprofessionals After Hemispherectomy

Hydrocephalus After Hemispherectomy

Homonymous Hemianopsia Simulators – from Vision Rehabilitative Services, LLC.

Seizure Action Plan – From the Epilepsy Foundation

Legal Rights of Children With Epilepsy In School and Child Care – An excellent overview of the legal rights of children with epilepsy in school and child care, including an in-depth discussion of the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act and Individual Education Plans (“IEPs), the Rehabilitation Act and 504 Plans, and administration of rescue medication in various educational and child care settings.