Coping Strategies with Eileen Devine

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Each one of us is human. Part of being human is having strong emotional reactions to a parenting experience that is continuously stressful and not what we’d imagined it would be. Understanding what is underneath our emotional experience and what is happening within us at a biological and emotional level when this occurs can help us respond more compassionately towards ourselves and our children.

In this Power Hour, we will touch on coping skills that can help us thrive (vs simply survive) in this unique parenting experience, including how to manage the inevitable impact on sibling relationships and the relationship between two parents when caring for a child with extraordinary needs. We will touch on what neuroscience research tells us about the importance of nervous system health and resiliency so that we can engage in meaningful activities that truly impact well-being.

About Eileen Devine, LCSW:

Eileen has over a dozen years of clinical experience and is the adoptive mother of a child with fetal alcohol syndrome. She believes that kids do well if they can and that when we understand the way a child’s brain works, we then understand the meaning behind challenging behaviors. Eileen’s goal is to not only support parents in feeling more competent and confident in connecting with their child by parenting from a brain-based perspective, but to also recognize their experience as the parent of a child with challenging behavioral symptoms and the impact this has on their sense of self and well-being. When these two sides of the neurobehavioral coin can be equally addressed, there is less frustration and increased hope in this unique parenting journey.

Eileen has her License in Clinical Social Work and is a certified facilitator in the teaching and application of the neurobehavioral model, as developed by FASCETS founder, Diane Malbin.  She has also completed Tier 1 training in Think:Kids Collaborative Problem Solving. Eileen is an instructor for the Post-Master’s Certificate in Adoption and Foster Therapy through Portland State University’s Child Welfare Partnership, training other therapists on the neurobehavioral model.

Eileen Devine, LCSW

Power Hour is for caregivers advocating for the needs of a child anywhere on the epilepsy surgery journey. Come with your questions about education, transition to adulthood, connecting to financial or medical resources, housing options, epilepsy surgery, dealing with postoperative hydrocephalus or shunt issues, or any other concern. We will have open forums where parents can learn from each other during the session and topic-specific sessions with specialists in the field. Sessions will be monitored by our Director of Patient and Family Advocacy.

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  • Power Hour is only for parents or primary caregivers of children (including adult children) who have had or are considering epilepsy surgery.
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