Why is a patient registry important?

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Prior to having a patient-powered registry, we learned about the developmental outcomes after childhood epilepsy surgery through stories and anecdotes shared in social media groups, electronic mailing lists, in person from other parents, or

What is a patient registry?

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A patient registry is a collection of information about a group of patients who share a condition or experience. Patient registries allow doctors, researchers, and other professionals to learn from the real world experience

Is my information secure?

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The GPESR is a secure platform, compliant with: US Health Information Privacy Laws (HIPPA, HITECH, and FISMA) FDA regulations on electronic records (21CFR Part 11) The GPESR guidelines and procedures has been reviewed

Why should I join the registry?

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The main purpose of the Global Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Registry (GPESR) is to collect and analyze epilepsy surgery patient data to enhance the understanding of long-term outcomes of epilepsy surgery. The Registry will