Power Hour: School-Based Audiology Assessments and Interventions After Epilepsy Surgery

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Often, parents express concern about their child’s ability to learn. They may struggle with attention or behavior issues in the classroom setting. It’s important to consider the impacts of a central auditory processing disorder for a child after a temporal lobectomy, hemispherectomy/hemispherotomy, TPO (temporal-parietal-occipital lobectomy), or a corpus callosotomy.

Even if your child has received a proper audiological evaluation and a diagnosis of a central auditory processing disorder, sometimes the school doesn’t know how to best support the child.

Please join us for a special Power Hour with Clinical and Educational Audiologist Amanda Levy, Au.D., and Daphne Magdaleno, parent to a child with a hemispherectomy, to discuss school-based audiology assessments and interventions.

Dr. Levy will discuss functional listening evaluations and acoustical evaluations of the classroom. Both presenters will discuss what parents can do to help educate and encourage your school’s audiologist to learn more about their child’s epilepsy surgery and its impacts. This session will be moderated by our Director of Patient and Family Advocacy, Audrey Vernick.

This session is NOT an overview of central auditory processing disorder after epilepsy surgery. Please review our previous content on this topic to be prepared for this session:

• An Introduction To Cortical Auditory Impairment After Hemispherectomy, TPO, or Temporal Lobectomy: website | guide;

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What do I need to know about Central Auditory Processing Disorder?  Q&A with Dr. Tammy Riegner, an audiologist with Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE;

• Presentations from our Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Conferences: Hearing After Hemispherectomy (Dr. Frank Musiek, 2016) and How the Brain Hears (Dr. Frank Musiek, 2019)


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