Brain surgery to stop seizures is not a last resort.

Back in 2011, we started The Brain Recovery Project to fund research to better understand how to help their kids reach their full potential hemispherectomy surgery. There is so much research which talks about seizure control. But very little about functional outcomes. Are children able to walk after surgery? How do they do in school? What behaviors are most challenging?

After meeting countless families, we now realize that we are still in the dark about what happens after other epilepsy surgeries. This is a concern for us. Parents are often wary of brain surgery to stop seizures because of so many unknowns. Because of this fear, it make take years before they consider brain surgery for their child.

Expanding our reach

In 2016 our board of directors approved our new and bold initiative: to be the best resource for families considering or who have had brain surgery to stop their child’s seizures. This means great web content, excellent programs, and funding important research.

But we need your help. Your support funds our programs. It helps us pay for research. Most importantly, it helps a child who has had part of the brain removed to stop seizures get the most out of life.