Monika Jones serves as President and Board Chair of The Brain Recovery Project and is a co-founder of the organization. For most of her professional career she was a litigator representing corporations in lawsuits brought by employees.  She has served as assistant general counsel of Luminent, Inc., an optical component manufacturer, general counsel of Brown and Riding Insurance Services, a national wholesale insurance broker, and then as a vice president of Brown and Riding’s casualty division.

After her first son, Henry, was born with hemimegalencephaly and required several surgeries to complete an anatomical hemispherectomy, she and her husband Brad Jones founded The Brain Recovery Project to initiate and fund research to better understand neurorehabilitation after hemispherectomy surgery.  She is a graduate University of California at Los Angeles and received her juris doctorate from the University of Southern California.

Monika is an active member of the Council of Parent and Attorney Advocates and is a founding board member of Watkins VITAL Care Program, an innovative new program that offers an educational environment for adults with moderate-to-severe autism who have aged out of the school system.  She has served on the board of Portals, one of the oldest and largest mental health organizations in Los Angeles which offers mental health services in Central and South Los Angeles.