Dr. Jeffrey Catania is Senior Vice President for Development at Children’s Institute, Inc. As the senior staff member responsible for funding, he directs all private funding development and government grants. In addition, he is responsible for the agency’s marketing and communications program, including print and multimedia materials, event production and public relations. Over the past 30 years, Jeff has served in senior development positions at Vista del Mar Child and Family Services, Venice Family Clinic and several other leading nonprofit agencies in Los Angeles. His accomplishments include the development and implementation of successful multimillion dollar fundraising and public relations campaigns, as well as leading strategic planning efforts resulting in significantly stronger annual revenues, expanded donor bases and higher public recognition of agency activities. Jeff holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Southern California and an undergraduate Psychology degree from Occidental College.

Jeff’s son, Dylan Catania, had a functional hemispherectomy as an infant due to hemimegalencephaly.  Dylan’s journey was captured by the Los Angeles Times in a fascinating article titled A Journey Of Risk, Hope.