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Project Description

We help you navigate the maze of special education

Individual education plan meetings can be complicated and challenging for parents and guardians of children after epilepsy surgery. Our program assists you with IEP meetings by providing you with a non-attorney advocate who understands how resective or disconnective epilepsy surgery may affect a child in the educational environment.

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This program was a game changer for our family.

Jennifer L.

My child’s entire IEP needed to be changed. The BRP advocate helped every step of the way.


We were able to get a vision therapist at school for our son and overall to get the whole school team on board about our son’s needs. Thanks to the documentation package, we were able to explain what were his main challenges and to let them see that their help could have a significant impact on his life.


We added concrete academic goals (in preschool) and direct academic support to help her achieve the goals.

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