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We have several programs for children impacted by epilepsy surgery:

New Research

We initiate, recruit for, and often fund new research to better understand functional outcomes after epilepsy surgery. Our current research programs include:

A list of our completed research can be found here.

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Translational Research

Coming soon, our patient registry will help drive research on functional outcomes.

Parent and Professional Education

Our website content and publications are based on published research, with expert commentary and anecdotal information where appropriate. Parents, clinicians, educators, and therapists alike can access our research-based information.  Our conferences help parents learn from experts so they can help their child success across the lifespan.


We collaborate with great innovators to bring ideas to life. The Airy Arm and Frog Arm are two prototypes for 3D printed hand exoskeletons to help children with hemiparesis use their affected hand. Our hemianopsia simulators will someday help parents, caregivers, and educators experience what it’s like to navigate the world with homonymous hemianopsia.

Special Education Advocacy and Training

Is the IEP process frustrating for you? Be sure to download our IEP Toolkit which includes template letters, helpful guides, and a list of products which can help your child succeed in school.

Do you need hep with your child’s individual education plan? Sign up for ten hours of free IEP assistance. Or does your school need someone to explain the effects of brain surgery to stop seizures? We can help train your child’s school team to help them understand the impact various brain surgeries will have on a child’s access to the educational environment..

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